Faces of Nashville: Melissa Trevathan

Executive director Melisa Trevathan shares about how Daystar came to be & the heart behind our ministry on Nashville's Styleblue Print blog. SBP's "Faces" column features local leaders and what they are doing in our community.


Raising Boys & Girls Blog - Technology Tuesday

Sissy Goff, David Thomas, & Melissa Trevathan blog weekly about various topics and one of their most popular, engaging columns is "Technology Tuesday." Check back each week to stay up-to-date on the choices kids are facing in the ever-changing world of technology. 


Moody Parenting Talks

Hear Sissy Goff, David Thomas, & Melissa Trevathan speak on many relevant parenting topics on Moody Radio's website.


Thoughtful Parenting Blog

Alpine Camps for Boys in Menton, Alabama suggests Raising Boys & Girls as a thoughtful parenting blog and mentions their post about talking to kids about difficult current events.


The Reality of Fatherhood

David Thomas & coauthor Stephen James talk about the birth of their children and the reality of life after kids.


Am I Ready To Be a Dad?

David Thomas & co author Stephen James share their experience becoming dads and the confusing, exhilarating feelings that followed. 


Anxiety in Our Kids

Sissy Goff guest authors on the blog of Courtney Defeo, author of In This House We Will Giggle, about learning to help your kids with fears and anxiety. 


How to Minister to Parents of Girls

Sissy Goff speaks with Jeremy of Parent Ministry network on how to minister to parents of girls.


Connecting with the Heart of Your Child

Listen to Sissy Goff & Melissa Trevathan speak on the Family Life Today broadcast about how to connect with your daughter when she asks the important questions about who she is.


Helping Your Daughter Answer "Who Am I?"

Sissy Goff & Melissa Trevathan help parents understand their daughter's mind and what's most important to her at this age on their broadcast with Family Life Today. 


Parenting in the Real World

Sissy Goff & David Thomas share 3 practical ways to be a proactive parent in the real world on the Lifeway All Access blog. 


Kids & Society's Expectations (Part II)

Continued...Watch Sissy Goff & David Thomas chat with Priscilla Shirer to help you discover new ways to relate to and encourage your children.


Kids & Society's Expectations (Part I)

Watch Sissy Goff & David Thomas chat with Priscilla Shirer to help you discover new ways to relate to and encourage your children.


2014 Reading List for Moms

Grace For Moms blog suggests Intentional Parenting on their list of best parenting books of the year.


The Big Mama Blog

Melanie, author of popular Big Mama blog, mentions Sissy Goff's article (on why middle school is such an important time) as interesting read.


The Power of Consistency

Counselor Sissy Goff writes about the keys to passing on strong values to your kids on Today's Christian Woman.


Churches shed light on suicide

David Thomas featured in USA Today.


Parenting is about relationship, says library luncheon speaker

David Thomas went back to his home town of Shelbyville to speak this week.