Updated COVID-19 Plan


Dear Daystar Families,

We're committed to continuing to care for both your children and your families during this time. To that end, Daystar is putting a new plan in place to minimize exposure to COVID-19. SEE OUR LATEST UPDATE HERE.

March 15

We will be cancelling all groups through April 6, and re-evaluating at that time.

We will have a new system in place for counseling sessions to maintain social distancing:

  • Our waiting rooms, kitchen and common spaces will not be used for gathering or waiting.
  • If you have an appointment, please either send or walk your child (or yourself) up to the front door of the Daystar house at the exact time your appointment is to begin.
  • Your counselor will meet you or your child at the door and walk you to their offices.
  • At the end of the session, your counselor will walk your child back to the front door. 
  • If the counselor needs to meet with you during the session, he or she will call and ask you to come in, as well.
If you have any signs of respiratory illness or have been exposed to someone with the coronavirus, we will be offering phone sessions at this time. Please call the Daystar office before your appointment and let us know that you would like to have your appointment over the phone. 

We are continuing to re-evaluate on a daily basis the best way to continue to care for you and your children. We're grateful for you and the opportunity to serve your family.