September 2013 Thank You!


"I have been waiting for this day all summer..."

This sentence was heard several times last week in our offices, along with sentences such as...

"I can't tell anyone else the things I tell y'all."

"Group is my safe place."

"At group, you never have to be afraid that someone will make fun of you."

"No one here is judgmental."

"You know that, no matter what, these people care about you."

And, thus, groups for the 2013-2014 school year have started. This fall, we have 24 counseling groups happening per week at Daystar. Currently, there are 1,307 families who are a part of our services. 30% of those families are on a sliding scale.

As always, we are more than privileged to offer a safe place to kids and to families in this yellow house.  We remain so grateful for those of you who helped us build it, who have helped us lay our new parking lot, and who continue to help us build a place for hurting kids and families to come.  And, in the words of these kids, not only to come, but to find safety, compassion, and hope.


The Daystar Staff