Prayer for the Durham Family


Dear friends, it is with a heavy heart that Melissa shares this with you in regards to long time supporter and friend of Daystar, David Durham:

"David Durham passed away at 3am today.
We loved him so much, but as I say that I'm reminded that it was he who loved us so much and we just got to respond.

He continually reminded me in a playful way to slow down and RESPOND to him, actually, some of the time he was very intent and serious when he reminded me of what and who was really important and lasting.

One of my last conversations (not the last one thankfully) he told me how I hurt his feelings when I was too busy to be with him. David and Peter had a lot in common, (2 Peter 1:12-15 message) "I'm not going to let up for a purpose is the keep you alert with frequent reminders." David was big on forgiveness too....thank goodness.

My last conversation with David he reminded me that he was not afraid to die. That his trust in the promises of Jesus was only stronger!

He also said that he was mostly concerned about his family,
And so today and the days ahead We are all reminded to pray for and stand with Sandy, Kristi and Tommy, Joanna and Chris, Brian and Erica and of course those lively, loved grandchildren.

David gave to Daystar as a friend and supporter for 28 yrs.
He was a board member and artist, printer, and photographer for all of our events.

But mostly....
He reminded us of what will last.

We all at Daystar say thank you David
We will miss you.


Please keep the Durham family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. David will truly be missed and what a legacy of love he left for friends and family to remember him by.