October Thank You!


Dear Friends,

We were on the last 2 of the 20 mile Bike Thing on the Natchez Trace several years ago. A thirteen year-old girl and her dad were riding together. Her exhaustion was visible, not only in the pace of her pedaling, but in her weak facial expression, as well. As she hit the last hill of the ride, her father placed his hand on her back and rode the rest of the way with one hand on his handle bars and one hand pushing her along.

This image has stayed with all of us who saw it. It was a picture of so many things: what we want for the relationship between kids and their parents, the way God loves and supports us, and the reason that we have a Bike Thing in the first place-so that we, at Daystar Counseling Ministries, are given the tremendous honor of helping kids and families up whatever hills they are facing.

The Bike Thing this fall is on October 30. Your support means so much to the over 850 families that Daystar is currently serving. They are walking up hills of grief, loss, divorce, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and a long list of other tremendously painful situations. We count ourselves blessed to work and ride alongside you in The Bike Thing and in our ministry to hurting kids and families.


The Daystar Staff