November Thank You!


Dear Friends,

Little did I know, some 15 years ago when my husband and I began supporting Daystar Counseling Ministries, that today I would be writing as a recipient of YOUR kind and generous giving to Daystar.  I am now a single mom of two teenage daughters and because of your generosity my daughters, along with many other sons and daughters, are getting the help they need to navigate through this time in their lives.

Whether the help children need comes in one-on-one counseling, a week at Hopetown, in a small group, or a combination of all three, your financial gifts and continued prayer support make it possible for the committed staff to do what God has so gifted them to do:  Help our children.

It is to our Good God I say "thank you" for giving YOU a heart for Daystar and the work that is taking place in the hearts of all children and families who walk through the doors of that amazing house!  Grace and Peace to you as we enter this season of Advent, may you be drawn closer to Him through your giving as my girls and I are through your generosity.

Under His Mercy,

A Daystar Mom