November Thank You



 "I get so mad at myself when I don't say the right thing to people.  I'm afraid they might not like me for who I am, so at least I need to be able to say something smart, or funny.  Then I might have a chance."


"I think I'm hardest on myself about the way I look.  Sometimes, I stand in front of the mirror and just pick out all of the things I don't like about myself."


"I get really mad at myself about my grades...probably madder than my parents do.  I just can't let it go if I get below a certain grade."


This very conversation took place in a group counseling session for high school girls just this week.  They talked about areas in which they got most frustrated about themselves.  As each girl talked (or almost each girl), the others in the room would nod their heads vigorously and say "same." 

How many of us didn't grow up in places where we had opportunities to experience this kind of "sameness"?  We thought we were the only ones who didn't like the way we looked or acted, who lived in a family that struggled, who struggled ourselves. 

One of the main reasons Daystar exists is to give children and teens an opportunity to say "same," to realize that, whatever they are going through or feeling, they are not alone.  And that, is enough, many times to give those kids—those teenagers hope.

Thank you for being such an important part of our ministry.  Thanks for being in it with us.  We're honored to be able to say "same" right back to you.