"They remained his chosen people, clogged hearts and all, and he remained their Lord—not only the Lord of the sea but also the Lord of the land and of the whole creation—who kept climbing into their boats to be with them over and over again from that day forth forevermore, with heart enough to spare, oh, with heart enough for us all..."
Barbara Brown Taylor 

Our groups at Daystar are winding down for the summer this week.  In the next few weeks, the halls will become a little quieter.  Mary's phone will ring a little less.  A few less baskets will be made in the basketball goal in the driveway and a few less cups of popcorn will be created in our popcorn machine.

Summer is coming.  And, while we we're equipped with counselors who remain in our offices to meet with children and families throughout the summer, several of us change locations.  Rather than counseling on chairs and sofas, we talk with teenagers on pontoon boats.  We ride bikes beside 7th graders and cook pasta with 3rd graders.

Wherever our location in the next few months, we continue to have the great honor of living out the "one life touching another" that defines Daystar.  We continue to be under the provision and care of a God who walks alongside us and climbs into our boats.  And, with His grace, we will continue to offer his hope and heart to all of the children and families all of our locations.

Thank you for your support of our ministry.  We ask for your prayers for God's hope and protection in the upcoming summer months.  We're excited to see how God climbs in.