For the past several years, Melissa has had our staff read something together.  Last year, we read a daily version of The Message, which is the version of the Bible we use most often at camp.  This year, we have just started 66 Love Letters, Larry Crabb's newest book. 

During our last staff meeting, we discussed different sections that had been particularly meaningful to each of us.  This was one that most of us agreed with:

"It's completely natural when something goes wrong, when you fail life or life fails you, to want to know what to do rather than how to think.  You scramble, you churn, you try to come up with some plan of action that will control the damage, relieve the discomfort, and restore some level of personal peace.

It's hard to set aside the panic, to move through the pain, to delay gratification, to live feeling empty, worthless, betrayed, and to ask, 'So what's the big picture here?  What kind of person do I want to be, for my kids, my friends, for me, for God, in the middle of this mess?  What values do I want to uphold?  What matters the most at any cost to me?  What is my life really all about right now, and what fire is still burning in me that can keep me moving toward something truly good?  What difference does the sure hope of heaven make right now on my attitudes, passions, and choices?'"

Those questions are the questions we want to help kids and parents ask and answer at Daystar.  We want to point them toward the sure hope of heaven...the hope that lies only at the heart of Jesus and, as Larry Crabb said, is spoken through the Bible. We also, as a staff, we want to be asking and answering those questions ourselves. 

We are so grateful, as always, to be in this journey with you.  Thank you for sharing hope with us—and the families that are a part of Daystar.

The Daystar Staff