June Thank You Letter


"Let's Go!" was the phrase that kicked off our week, because as Melissa said, we had somewhere to move, and each of us got to choose if we wanted to hop on board. We sat the first night under a starry sky and watched as Simon Burch modeled what it means to be willing to hop on board and trust God's plan for his life. So often we want to demand that life work. But it doesn't...not the way we think it should, at least. And in the midst, "the only person I can control is me" and "my attitude is a choice." What a freedom those truths brought Simon Burch! And as Acts 2:46-47 teaches, we will experience freedom most when we come together. So, "Let's go!"

"Let's go" led to a lot of fun things: to the lake, to the swings, to dancing in the rain and to riding bikes. And "let's go" led to some special times when we were gathered together to worship, share and learn. Using the Apple Maps application as a model, Melissa asked, "Okay, where do you want to go?" First, what is your destination? The high-school kids spent some time reflecting, and started to share their own personal destinations: "Forgiveness," "Understanding," "Peace," "Wisdom," "Freedom..."

Once you pick a destination, the Maps app asks you, "Do you want to use your current location?" We need to know where we are before we try and get where we are going. It's one of the first questions God asks Adam in the garden: Where are you? Even though He knows the answer, he still asks us where we are because He wants us to talk to Him about it! He wants us to be authentic! And talk about an authentic group of kids! We were blessed with a group of girls and guys who were ready and willing to talk aloud about where they were, to ask questions, and to respond and encourage one another in profound ways. One boy's eyes swelled with tears after several kids responded to what he shared, and when asked what he was thinking, he said, "I just feel so cared for."

Once the destination and current location are entered in, the final question is "How do you want to travel?" By bus, by car, by foot? Jesus used a similar phrase as "let's go" throughout the gospels: "Come," he said in John 7. "Are you thirsty? Come to me and drink!" Melissa said no matter how strong or ready we are, we won't be able to get to our destinations by ourselves. But Jesus didn't leave us alone: He left us the Holy Spirit. That's what we travel by - that's how we get where we want to go.

Indeed the Holy Spirit moved throughout the week. There were plenty of adventures, lots of laughter, lots of honest pain and shared stories, and finally, a group of really neat kids who were coming together to proclaim the one thing they knew was true: that God was good...and that they wanted to go wherever He was taking them. One camper said it best, when after sharing about tremendous loss in her life, she said, "I know God will use this to help me help other people. And I want my faith to be firm in that." In a collective voice they read aloud the words on a poster in the living room, "The suffering won't last forever. It won't be long before this generous God who has great plans for us in Christ - eternal and glorious plans they are! - will have you put together and on your feet for good. He gets the last word; yes, he does!"

So with the Holy Spirit in action, and a special summer kicked into gear, we are so very thankful to have you on board, saying with us "Let's go!" And we covet your prayers as how to continue to move toward what it looks like to let go and allow God to continue to move in and through the 172 kids who will be a part of Camp Hopetown this summer.


The Daystar Staff