Our first week at Camp Hopetown started off with Melissa teaching on the traveling psalms (or the Psalms of Ascent).  She talked about the difference between being a traveler and a tourist.  A traveler is one who engages in the journey.  A traveler participates, while a tourist observes.  With Psalms 120-134 as our guide, we spent the week learning more about what it means to connect...with where we are, who we are and a God that engages with us in the journey.  

The first line of the first Psalm of ascent is "I call on the Lord in my distress, and he answers me."  The distresses that came up for these kids involved eating disorders, parents separating this month, feeling hopelessness in relationships and just defeated in life.  But, every time a child shared where he or she was, another stepped in to offer hope.

It was a tremendous gift to sit with 29 high school students as they called on the Lord together and devoted their week to traveling with each other toward Christ.  And these kids did.  They loved each other, spoke truth to each other, and offered hope.  It was a privilege to watch and be a part of "one life touching another" walked out in such a beautiful way.

Thank you for joining us as we travel this road with these kids and families.  We are honored to share the journey with you.


The Daystar Staff