Just wanted to drop a quick note.  It's crazy that the summer is already half complete. I only have 5 more weeks up here, and y'all are about to start the little kids' camps.  I also wanted to say how much I miss being there and miss being part of something as special as Daystar. In the past 3 weeks, I've met over 1100 people, and some that were in truly bad situations. Its in times like these where I realize how blessed I've been and how blessed I am to be part of Daystar. It is truly a unique organization. The lessons I learned from being a camper, counselor, and intern are still lessons I hold true today like always being positive, being a constant encourager, and always looking at situations with a mindset of joy and thankfulness. I'm excited that there are many new campers who will have the chance to be impacted like I was by the amazing group of people there. I'm excited for the growth that will occur for all the kids this year. Its just amazing to see how things I learned at camp are skills I use even in my new job. Whenever I am ungrateful at my circumstances, I think of how blessed I am to still be in the daystar family. Miss you all, hope to see y'all when I get back in August to tell me how the summer went.

This letter is one that was sent recently over facebook from a former staff member.  It was not only an encouragement to us, but a reminder that God continues to use Daystar in ripples that touch the lives of more folks than we know.  We are so very grateful for your part in those ripples that have touched the lives of so many children and families.


The Daystar Staff