Isaiah 4:5-6...2-4th Grade Hopetown Style!


With the 2nd-4th graders this year, we talked about Isaiah 4:5-6 and Jesus as our shade, shelter, refuge, and/or hiding place. We also included, as a picture of Christ's enjoyment and delight in us, Jesus as our swing. The basketball rope swing was a favorite gathering place of the 2nd-4th graders and a sweet picture of Jesus' desire to spend time with us. The swing could not be more appropriate for the 2nd-4th graders who swiftly swung right through their time at Camp Hopetown.

This week we have taked a lot about how when God came to the Israelites in the desert, He said that He was their fire by night and cloud by day. We have swiftly discussed what exactly it meant that Jesus was a cloud and fire. We believe that he meets us where we are, whether desert or swing, and comes to protect us by cloud during the day, and guide us by fire at night.

We are SO thankful for the many ways you all are a picture of the body of Christ to us by protecting and leading us through the summer. Whether it be praying for safety, helping problem solve when boats/vans/bananna's break down, cleaning, and/or giving financially, you each individually serve as our fire by night and cloud by day. Thank you!!

We are very hopeful to have raised $88,330 so far this summer! It is such an exciting thing to get to update ya'll weekly and watch together as our numbers increase!! We, however, do have another $51,670 to go this summer. We had a Daystar mom ask last summer what exactly this money will accomplish. Just for ya'll to know and be on board when people ask, this money will keep the doors open and people bustling at the Daystar House and Hopetown throughout the rest of July and August. 

Thank you, again, so much for your being a part of God's provision for us as a shade, shelter, refuge, hiding place, swing, fire, and cloud!!!! You all have quite a bit of impact around here!!


Kathleen Goff & Brian Anderson
"Then the Lord will create over all Mr. Zion and over those who assemble there a cloud of smoke by day and a glow of flaming fire by night; over all the glory will be a canopy. It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain." Isaiah 4:5-6