February Update/Thank You


As a part of the Daystar family, we would guess you know a lot about what we offer in terms of groups and individual counseling and summer programs.  That information is in all of our brochures.  We also know you know who we are as a staff, all of the way from Melissa to Blueberry, in light of last month's letter.  But what we can imagine you might not know is exactly what goes on behind the doors of our counseling offices.  People who have been involved with Daystar for years will sometimes stop and say, "Now what exactly is it that you all do?" 

We can't tell you exactly because of confidentiality.  But what we can do is give you a little glimpse into the lives and behind the doors of our counseling offices on a typical day at Daystar.  Specifically, we're going to pick out one counselor's day—and the variety of families and kids whose lives he (and you) were able to touch in just that one day...

10:00am was when he arrived at the office.  His first appointment was with a ten year-old whose dad has just relapsed for the third time.  He hasn't heard from him in three months...over his birthday and Christmas.  As you can imagine, this little boy is working through feelings of terrible loss and betrayal.

At 11:00, he met with a father of two teenage boys who had lost his wife to breast cancer several years before.  The boys are fighting constantly, to the point that one is wanting to "move out" and the other stays in his room to avoid his brother.  The house is either silent or conflictually chaotic, and this father wanted help.

His 12:00 appointment was a fifteen year-old who feels caught between his parents still after a divorce two years ago.  He feels like "I'm the only adult in the situation."  Both parents speak horribly about the other, and he is now dealing with an eating disorder as a way, he believes, to control an uncontrollable situation.

1:00 brought in a nine year-old who has extreme separation anxiety after his parents' divorce and vacillates between wanting to stay glued to his mom's side to explosive anger directed toward her.

At 2:00, he saw a young man who is terribly shy and feels that he has no friends.  They worked on him taking risks at school by sitting with new kids at lunch and interacting on his basketball team.

3:00 was an eleven year-old who has been diagnosed with a debilitating disease and is desperate to feel like a "normal kid".

At 4:00, a seventeen year-old came in whose father has been discovered in his fourth affair.  He is working through his parents' separation and the way his dad's choices have affected his own feelings not only toward his dad but toward girls', as well.

And, then, at 5:00, he had group and dinner with six high school boys who are working through similar issues, but who do a phenomenal job of speaking truth into each other's lives.

One day...one counselor, but indicative of so many of our days on staff at Daystar.  We all have the tremendous privilege of offering hope to each boy, girl, teenager, and parent who sits in our offices.  Thank you for your important part in that process. 


The Daystar Staff