February THANK YOU!!


"We are part of a counseling ministry called Daystar.  Our office is housed in a little yellow house with a big front porch.  One seven year-old boy called it, "the little yellow house that helps people."  Our dogs, Lucy, the Havanese and Blueberry, the Old English Sheepdog (plus Dottie the yorkie-poo and now Owen the yellow lab) help us counsel the kids and families who come to Daystar.  Our offices house eight counselors and see more than two hundred kids per week between individual and group counseling.  We offer summer camps and parenting classes both in the community and beyond.  We believe in offering hope to families in any situation, and we believe in vintage values in this modern world.

Actually, we just like the whole idea of vintage in general.  On most days we have spiced tea brewing in our lobby.  There is a checkers table in one of the waiting rooms with typically two or three kids gathered around it.  At our camps the kids play chess, learn to water-ski (not just wakeboard), and help cook the meals.  We sing old-timey hymns along with worship choruses and talk about the rich meaning behind the words.  We even have Christmas at camp and take the kids to a town made up of one row of antique stores.  They have three dollars to buy a gift for the person whose name they drew.  The gifts are symbolic, like a boy who gave a counselor an old walking stick because he said she helped people stand who were struggling.  We like vintage and believe it brings out good in the lives of kids."

Are you ever asked just what exactly Daystar is?  We are...often.  Melissa and Sissy wrote this description in their newest book, Modern Parents, Vintage Values.  But, to put it very simply, we are a group of folks who have the privilege of walking with children and families as they discover hope.  And we couldn't do it without you.  Thank you for your important part of our vintage ministry.

We are so very grateful.

The Daystar Staff