December THANK YOU!


Dear Friends,
Into this silent night
           As we make our weary way
                    We know not where,
           Just when the night becomes its darkest
                    And we cannot see our path,
           Just then is when the angels rush in,
                    Their hands full of stars.
                              -Ann Weems, Kneeling in Bethlehem

Daystar Counseling Ministries is a place that exists between the Just when's and the Just then's.  Just when the night is darkest for children and families...just when your teenage daughter can't seem to pull herself out of her sadness...just when your middle school son has lost his last friend...just when the loss seems too much to bear for you and you have know idea how to help yourself, let alone your children.

In 1985, Melissa Trevathan started Daystar Counseling Ministries with a small group of kids and the motto "One life touching another."  That one life—those few lives have continued to touch others for 25 years and to the extent that our staff is now serving over 800 children and families in middle Tennessee. 

In both groups and individual counseling and through Camp Hopetown, we seek to come alongside children and families who, because of the pain and confusion they find themselves in, have lost their way.  2 Peter 1:19, the verse that Daystar was founded upon, calls us to be a light for each other  "until the day dawns and the Daystar rises in your hearts."  Until then, we are honored to share His light and His hope to the families who are a part of Daystar.  We are grateful that you are a vital part of our ministry this December and privileged to have you join us in celebration of His life that continues to touch ours in such powerful and gracious ways.


The Daystar Staff