Daystar's Dearest Lifeguard


Dear Daystar Friends,

If you've been to the Daystar house or Camp Hopetown in the past twelve years, you have been greeted, licked, and probably sat upon by a wonderful, warm, shaggy sheepdog named Molasses.  On any given day, you could find Molasses sitting on the couch in the waiting room with her paw on someone's shoulder or jumping into the lake to save a stray child at camp. She spent twelve years as a lifeguard to us all, but especially to Melissa.  It is with heavy hearts that we wanted to let you know that Molasses' sweet life came to a close yesterday. Her hips finally got the best of her and the pain was just more than her brave heart could bear.  She was surrounded by Melissa and friends from the Daystar staff, and now has a beautiful little spot in the backyard of the Daystar house.  We know, however, that Molasses is not there...that she is already in Heaven herding Noel, Patty and Puddy and reigning as the lifeguard supreme over all God's creatures. Thank you for your love for her and Melissa over the years.  

We will be starting a memorial for Camp Hopetown kids in Molasses' honor.  If you are interested in giving, please email or call Kathleen.


The Daystar Staff