August Thank You Letter


Dear Daystar Supporter,

August is here.  No more piles of tennis shoes and flip flops filling the cubbies at Hopetown.  No more children swinging on the rope swing.  No laughter floating down from the upstairs girls' sleeping porch.  No strains of "How Great Thou Art" ringing through the house.  It is quiet.  Except for the whispers of words that have been spoken.  Encouragement that has been given.  Stories that have been told.  And hope that has been shared.  We wanted to share just one more story of that hope with you, from a mom of a first year camper at the 2nd-4th grade camp.

"When I first got to camp, my daughter grabbed me and started taking me down the walkway to the basketball swing.  On her way she grabbed my hand and started telling me about writing her sins on rocks.  She was talking a mile a if she had been holding this information inside and it was erupting out!!  She tells me that afterwards they came down to the dock and threw their rocks into the lake.  She then asks me if I knew that Jesus has the power to forgive and then FORGET.... as far as from the east is to the west.  I say "yes" and was about to remind her that I have taught her this truth before, however, she quickly interrupts me with more of her story.... never really hearing me at all!  She then tells me about how amazing it was and then stops on the path and looks at me.  I realize that this is when I should speak...and I ask,"How did that make you feel?"  She looks at me and says with the biggest grin I've ever seen...."Mom, it made me feel like a BRAND NEW GIRL!!  I don't have to hold all those sins ANYMORE!!"

We had a lot of brand new girls...and boys...and counselors this summer.  Thanks to nineteen staff
members who gave up their summer to love on 178 2nd through 12th graders.  Thanks to board members who prayed and sent notes and packages to a weary staff.  Thanks to you, for supporting and covering us in prayers for safety and for God's gracious movement in the lives of kids.  And, ultimately, thanks to Him...who is able to do exceedingly more than we could ever ask.  We are more than grateful.

Warmly (and a little tired-ly),
The Daystar Staff