August Thank you!


Thank you for your gift to Daystar this month. To show you first hand how you have contributed to the lives of campers at Hopetown this summer, we wanted to share with you a letter from a mom whose three daughters attended camp...

I have to tell you how much my girls loved camp. Tonight as we were sitting around the dinner table, I was giddy hearing the stories about camp. The girls compared counselor stories, banana boat stories, cooking stories, etc. We were all cracking up at one of my daughters as she was telling us about dancing and tubing. What great memories!

This is what I heard at the beginning of the summer, "I don't want to go to that stupid camp, it's for weird people for goodness sake!" Before camp we were REALLY struggling in our home. Name calling, disrespect, MEAN girl stuff BIG time. I wasn't handling it well and was really discouraged. My husband wasn't handling it well, and I was really discouraged. Somewhere along the way I started acting like a middle school girl right along with my daughters. Things were out of control and neither my husband nor I knew what to do. I was just thankful I was getting three weeks out of my summer with two instead of three hormonal adolescents!

Bottom line? We have seen change. My oldest came home and said she was changed. I honestly thought she would come off that mountaintop and things will be back to crazy soon. But guess what? She has changed. Yes, we still have issues, but her heart has softened a gazillion. It has encouraged me to change. Things are calmer around our home and I am SO very thankful. Her post-camp quote? "I wanna go back every year until I can't go anymore. Then I wanna be a counselor. Oh, and I wanna join a group, k?" Wow. Big change!

My youngest, my anxious, quiet giggler, shared with me what she "threw" in the lake (an activity where the campers wrote on a rock the things they worried about the most and then symbolically tossed them in the lake). My oldest shared with me that she hasn't ever felt so accepted. I haven't seen my girls show affection for each other in a long time. This afternoon when my final camper came home, there were screams and hugs. Chills.

Thank you all for loving them well. Thank you for investing in them. Thank you for being voices in their hearts and minds that tell them they are wonderfully made. Thank you for helping them take off their clothes of shame and become new creations. We are in a process, but I have hope. That is refreshing. Thank you.

Filled up. Thanks a bunch.

With love,
A Grateful Mom