April Thank You!!


This time of year, we love to keep our windows open at the Daystar office.  Let the fresh air in, hear the sounds of kids playing in the swing outside. 

A few weeks ago, the window happened to be open when an 8 year-old girl and her mom walked out of the office from their very first counseling session at Daystar.  As they stepped out onto the front porch, the girl reached up and took her Mom's hand.  "You seem happy," commented her mom.  "I don't know why," she whispered loudly, "but I just can't stop smiling."

We see a lot of children and teenagers in our offices who feel just the opposite.  Parents say to us often, "I can't remember the last time she laughed," or "He worries all of the time."  The kids who walk through our doors are carrying heavy loads.  And, for parents, to watch your child live with that kind of heaviness makes yours all the heavier.

We are grateful to be in what a boy once called "the little yellow house that helps people."  This Easter marks our fourth year to be in this location.  (Many of the kids who come can't believe someone doesn't live here.)

God has blessed us tremendously in providing this house—this home to hurting kids and families.  We are humbled by God's presence in it.  We are privileged to share in its ministry with you.  And we are overwhelmed that God continues to meet children and families here—to restore smiles and to bring hope. 


The Daystar Staff