An October Thank You


Dear Friend,

Nearly four years ago, I stumbled into a little yellow house. I was completely unaware of the wonderful things to come out of this special place. I did not know what to expect. I never would have anticipated the effect that Daystar had on my life.

I am at college now. I am exactly two hours and twenty-three minutes away from Daystar, but I feel that Daystar is still with me. Two days before I left for college, I went to Daystar. I had to give a proper goodbye to the community that transformed me. I drove home with tears in my eyes. I knew I wasn't really leaving Daystar. Daystar had touched my life, and it was my turn to bring Daystar wherever I go. That little yellow house is my home. I am a distinctly different person because of it. Daystar has marked me. As a believer, I have always been convinced that Jesus would have His followers do part of His work, until he would return. Daystar is one of those pieces of Jesus.

As a donor, you do not always get to see the life that Daystar brings out of people. I am writing to you, so you will know that your donation has made a difference. My life has been filled with Daystar in the most beautiful way. I cannot share my story, or any piece of my life, without mentioning Daystar. Their model is "one life touching another." It is a beautiful statement that gets to the heart of the Daystar community. They have touched my life, and it is my turn to touch another. The first Daystar radiated and led the magi to Christ. Similarly, the yellow house radiates in all who have gone there. Daystar is a light to the community. Thank you for the role you have played in my life and my family. You are part of a community that makes a real that is driven by God's purposes.


A Daystar College Student