An October 2013 Thank You!


A little more than four years ago our family moved to the Nashville area.  For my husband and me, we felt at home soon after our boxes were unpacked.  God called our family to a wonderful church and to various ministries as well as provided a strong adult community group and friendly neighborhood.  "All" seemed to be going better than "expected" for the first months. God then started to reveal to us that specific things at home, within our family unit, would take some turns that we didn't EXPECT.  We would eventually learn how to better recognize and begin to overcome some of the fragile circumstances of raising teenagers with some extraordinary assistance.

Our middle school daughter, now in high school, took a lot longer than we did to adjust to our new environment.  She felt that "the rug" had been pulled from underneath her and my husband and I needed some help to see beyond how we thought we could help her.  She struggled with A.D.D., being in a new school system, making and keeping friends and maintaining acceptable grades.  Thankfully, a trusted woman from our church referred us to Daystar referencing what a godly organization it is and how counseling from Daystar had helped one of her daughters in a turbulent season in high school.  We basically had to "drag" our daughter into her first appointment.  My husband and I are forever grateful to Melissa and Blueberry who went out to our car and encouraged our daughter to come into the center to "just talk".  From that first encounter our daughter started to become a part of the "DNA" of Daystar.  We all look back to that time of finding this loving community as the beginning of something beautiful and certainly an answer to prayer.

For the last four years our daughter has had a countless number of people "pour into her" the type of encouragement and hope that her heart, along with ours, has needed.  In recent years, we have witnessed her growing close to the staff and summer volunteers of Daystar/Hopetown and even now giving back to the girls herself that she has had the privilege of being in weekly group counseling and camp with.  We refer her "Daystar high" after her appointments because of the smiles (from the inside out!!) and uplifting conversations generated from these times.

As parents of a daughter who continues to be affirmed and challenged by her ongoing relationships at Daystar, plus those of our then 18 year old son whom briefly entered into counseling at Daystar before leaving for college, we KNOW that God is actively at work in this ministry!! 

 God used a transition period in our lives to introduce us to a ministry that has been fruitful and irreplaceable to our family.  We have each been deeply loved by a community of people whom love and serve the Lord with excellence!  We are thankful beyond words!


A Daystar Mom