Dear friends,

As our summer at Hopetown draws to and end, we wanted to share with you a window into one of our camps.  These words are from a blog written about 2nd-4th grade camp—and they serve as a reminder to us of God's faithfulness—and yours—to us this summer. 

"We just finished our 2nd-4th grade camp.  Over the years, a call to worship has evolved at Hopetown for these little people.  It's a poem that has grown and grown—with time and circumstances.  This year, we talked a lot about lighthouses.  We talked about light ALWAYS being stronger than dark.  (John 1:5) And how God our lighthouse who brings us safe through the storms.  We more than talked about it...we sang about it, we made art about it, and started each day with this poem.

Several years ago, it was the prayer that a boy took home from camp and prayed every morning when he was anxious on his way to school.  (Of course, he didn't do the girls' part.  Yuck!)  The boys and girls say the first verse together and then alternate as the poem continues.

We wanted you to have the poem, too.  Feel free to use it with your little ones...or in your own life, as a good thing to remember.  He always brings us through the storms.

Good morning, Lord

This is your day

I am your child

Show me the way

We woke up this morning

Ready to serve

We are your men, Lord

Give us the nerve

Lord we are here

To laugh & to play

We are your daughters

Beside you we'll stay

The day is new

Like you made us

We're in our boat

In you we trust 

We paddle and float

Amongst the waves

We're here in our boat

In you we praise."

Thank you for helping be a light for us this summer.  God has used you profoundly in the lives of hundreds of children in both Kentucky and Nashville.  You have been a part of his provision of safety and hope in the midst of many storms.

With much gratitude,

The Daystar Staff