An April Thank You!


"Do you think now that play practice is over you'd like to go back to group?"

"Yes."  Her answer was immediate.

"I can say anything to them and I'm not worried about what they're going to think."

"Honey, I think that's what is called a safe place."

A mom told us about this conversation she had with her high school daughter this week.  A safe place...that is at the heart of what we are about at Daystar, who we believe we are called to be.  A safe place for every child...every teenager...every family who walks through our doors.

Larry Crabb, in his book, The Safest Place on Earth, says "I believe that the Holy Spirit has graciously placed resources in every Christian that, when released from one person and received into another, can promote substantial healing and change."  At Daystar, our belief is that healing can come at the hands of a counselor, a high school senior, or even a second grader in a group counseling session with another who simply says, "I'm so sorry you're sad."

Healing and change.  It's what we're about in our yellow house.  And it's what you are continuing to help facilitate by giving to the ongoing work of Daystar.  Thank you for your commitment to our ministry.  Thank you for your belief in God's power children, teens, adults and dogs to bring healing to the hearts of hurting families.  They, and we, are deeply grateful.