A September Thank You 2017


Frederick Buechner writes about the flood and story of Noah in his book, Peculiar Treasures:       

"But then, after weeks, another dove came back with a sprig of olive in its beak, and the tops of the mountains began to reappear out of the watery waste, and now at last the great, glittering rainbow arched above him, and the great promise echoed in his ears. 'Never again,' God had said, and Noah clung on to those words like a raft in a high sea.

With the rainbow tied around his little finger to jog his memory, surely God would never forget what he'd said. No matter what new meanness people might think up, surely the terrible thing would never happen again. As an expert in hoping against hope, the old sailor told himself that the worst was over and that as sure as God made little green apples, a new, green world would blossom up out of the sodden wreckage of the old."

As we write this, the waters are still rising in Houston and in other areas hit by the hurricane/tropical storm called Harvey.  So many families are without power or resources, and with way too much water. 

This flood and the effects of it are reminiscent of so many families that walk through our doors.  The flood is of a different sort, as is the damage caused by it.  But, whether the devastation is physical or emotional, the effect is similar.  They feel like they're going under, and the water only keeps rising.  We all know how it feels.  And, it's why we're here, as Daystar Counseling Ministries.

Daystar exists to be a place of hope...to remind children and families of God's promise.  That he will never leave them.  He will never abandon them.  That the waters of pain, of hurt, of loneliness will recede.  He is near in the anxiety, in the depression, in the betrayal.  He is still at work.  And a new green world will blossom out of the sodden wreckage that besieges them now. 

"Oh!  May the God of green hope fill you up with joy, fill you up with peace, so that your believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit, will brim over with hope!"                                         Romans 15:13

Thank you for standing with us in reminding the children and families in our community of this great truth.  You help to offer hope...to them and to us.

The Daystar Staff