Dear friend,

"Your two days are my two days."  

This summer at Hopetown, Melissa taught about Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  She recounted the story from John 11 where the sisters send a message to Jesus saying, "The one you love so very much is sick" (John 11:3, MSG).  The one he loves in that story is Lazarus.  His sisters are worried.  They're hurting.  They're confused and waiting...much like every child and family who walks through the doors of Daystar Counseling Ministries. 

  1. Waiting...       

            waiting for at least one friend at school

            waiting to feel some respite from the grief of losing a parent

            waiting for the anxiety to subside

            waiting to not feel quite so angry

            waiting to remember what hope feels like

Mary and Martha had to wait two days for Jesus to come.  He loved Lazarus.  They reminded him of that in their message.  But he still waited two days. 

We don't know why he waits.  Ultimately, he works in the waiting.  He redeems every bit of the hurt.  He heals us and the ones we love—even better, the ones He loves.  But the waiting doesn't necessarily get any easier knowing those truths.  And so we wait.

The girl who talked about her two days was one of our interns at Hopetown this summer.  We were in a meeting and one of the high school campers had just talked about struggling with her parents divorce.  Our intern went to this camper, knelt in front of her and simply said, "Your two days are my two days.  I'm here with you and I'm not going anywhere." 

This is the mission of Daystar.  It's our calling and our great honor to join in the two days of each family—each child who walks through our doors.  We walk alongside them in the waiting.  He does come.  That's our promise.  And that's our hope.  God loves each of these children and each of these families—and He comes because of that very love.  But, in the meantime, we wait...together.  Thank you for waiting with us—and with them.

With much gratitude,

The Daystar Staff