A November Thank You 2016


Many years ago, as a young girl battling all the emotions that come with the last year of elementary school, my relationship with my younger sister was deteriorating. One day, an unsuspecting me was pulled out of school early with her (best feeling ever!) and we were taken to a new and unfamiliar place. This place would soon become a haven I will forever feel loved and supported by, and is a place I wish every family could experience.

A place that was once dedicated to talking about my sister turned into something different on the first day of my sophomore year in high school. The stage four lung cancer that was slowly trying to kill my dad was discovered that day. I will never forget Sissy Goff coming in on her day off to talk with me and my sister about how we were handling such detrimental news. Yet she was not the only person to help me carry the weight of what I was feeling. Countless letters from my Daystar friends and mentors filled my mailbox for months. Throughout the time Dad was going from diagnosis to remission, Daystar was a place I could come and unload all of the stress and pressure on my shoulders. Daystar helped me realize that Jesus loves my dad, my siblings, my mom, and me. A verse commonly quoted to me was when Jesus heard that Lazarus had died, "Jesus wept." Because of Daystar I was reminded that cancer didn't affect my family because God didn't love us; Jesus loves us and was crying with me. As I go off to college next year, I feel certain the foundation of Christ's love for me, modeled by Daystar, will keep me on the right path. Truly I am a better person and have a stronger relationship with God because of Daystar.

Thanks to your kind donation, more children and families will have the opportunity to feel loved at Daystar. I am writing this to let you know how much of an impact your donation has made. Daystar offers a "sliding scale," which means they have money saved (i.e. donations like yours) to help families who can't afford counseling get the care and counseling they need. This little yellow house called Daystar will forever be grateful for your donation. A child's life will forever be changed because of you. As one of the kids impacted by the wisdom and kindness of this place, I am honored and grateful to write this to you. I hope you know your donation has made an impact on many families. Thank you again so much.

A Daystar Senior in High School