A November Thank You


"Thank you for saving my life. And for teaching me about Jesus."

Just last night, Melissa ran into someone she counseled probably ten years ago.  Then, she was a lost, college-aged young woman who was experimenting with drugs and struggling with profound depression.  Now, she is a self-assured, confident woman in her early 30's.  And it just so happened that another staff member overheard the conversation.

You see, Melissa would never tell you these words herself.  As a matter of fact, many letters just like this are written and then "softened" by Melissa.  She doesn't want to make it sound like we are bragging.  We are not.  On the contrary, we are profoundly grateful.  We are honored to get to walk alongside over 1300 children and families in this season of Daystar's ministry.  We are privileged to have continued to serve families since 1985.  And we know and are continually humbled by the fact that every bit of our mission is carried by this 30 year-old woman's second sentence. 

"Let my love touch the deepest, most hidden corners of your heart and reveal to you your own beauty, a beauty that you have lost sign of, but that will become visible to you again in the light of my mercy."                                             Henri Nouwen

We get to teach people about Jesus.  Whether these words and this type of truth is spoken directly, day in and day out in our little yellow house in Berry Hill we get—we are called—to offer hope.  We get to speak words of life and hope to children and families who are struggling through any variety of issues...issues all of us struggle with any and every day.  Depression.  Divorce.  Death.  Anxiety.  Struggles with friendships.  Struggles with who we are and who we so desperately want to be.  And, as a staff, we collectively and by God's grace get to live out this verse from which Daystar derived its name...

To be a light shining in a dark place until the day dawns and the Daystar returns.

                                                                                    2 Peter 1:19

Thank you for being such an important part of our ministry, calling and light.