A May 2014 Thank You!


Happy Spring!  And Happy almost summer at Daystar!  We are so grateful for your support and honored to have you come alongside our counseling, our day camps, and summer camp program at Hopetown.

We wanted to share with you a glimpse into the heart of a Hopetown camper.  These words were a part of her common app essay to get into college.  The essay was simply titled, "Changed."

Daystar Counseling Ministries, which offers counseling to families in the middle Tennessee area, hosts an annual summer camp called Camp Hopetown. It is my favorite week of the entire year, and is where I learn the most about myself. I am completely disconnected from all technology, and it is where I am most perfectly content.

A woman named Melissa Trevathan founded this camp, and as the executive director of the camp, she leads worship in the mornings and evenings because it is a Christian camp.  During our worship, Melissa gives deep insight into the Bible and opens our eyes to essential truths about ourselves and life in general. We discuss matters that some people might say we do not understand at our age. Every one of us arrives there as strangers, and by the end of the week, we have a deep connection with one another. Many of the people who go to this camp are there because they go to Daystar for counseling. Most of the conversations that we have with one another are the reasons we are at Daystar for counseling. We all support each other through the difficulties in our lives and help each other grow.

We are grateful for the kind words of this young woman.  We are honored to have had her as a part of Camp Hopetown these past seven years.  And we are more than grateful for your support of her and all of the children and families at Daystar.  It is a privilege to offer hope alongside you.


The Daystar Staff