A March Thank You 2016


Dear Friend,

Every Wednesday, our staff gathers for a meeting.  Melissa often reads a devotional.  We pray together.  We talk about upcoming events, brainstorm about groups.  We sometimes have guest speakers on a variety of topics related to children and counseling.  But, as is often the case at Daystar, we mostly eat together, share stories, and laugh. 

In last week's meeting, several counselors told stories about kids they had met with in the previous few weeks.

One family came for an assessment.  Both kids did not want to come to counseling.  As soon as Melissa started giving them their tour, the daughter turned to her and said, "This place is just so cute."  By the end of the session, they didn't want to leave.  Literally.  They hung around for four hours after their session—talking to people, having snacks, and playing games.

Another family came in for their session during the snow days.  They stayed over an hour after their session playing checkers.  "We never get time together like this just to be," the mom told Sherman when he saw her later.

A high school boy was brought to Daystar to see "one more counselor" by his parents.  He didn't want to come.  But, by the time he sat down with Tommy, he said, "I love this place.  I've never been somewhere like this."

In one of our elementary aged groups, one of the kids was having a hard night.  He rarely talks, but, on this occasion, wouldn't say a word.  One of the other 3rd grade boys who also happens to be very shy, leaned over to him and said, "We really want to hear from you."

Our prayer during each staff meeting...each day our doors are open is that Daystar would be a safe place for kids and families.  We pray that it will be a place that feels like home—where they're reminded they're not alone.  Where, more than anything else, they'll find hope.  Thank you for being such an important part of our safe place and for helping us make Daystar a home away from home for the kids and families who walk through our doors.


The Daystar Staff