Dear Friends,

"In community we work out our connectedness to God, to one another, and to ourselves. It is in community where we find out who we really are. It is life with another that shows my impatience and life with another that demonstrates my possessiveness and life with another that gives notice to my nagging devotion to the self. Life with someone else, in other words, doesn't show me nearly as much about his or her shortcomings as it does about my own.... In human relationships I learn that theory is no substitute for love. It is easy to talk about the love of God; it is another thing to practice it."  -Joan Chittister

This was written in a recent blog called "Inward Outward."  The words, however, speak to the heart of what Daystar is all about.  "In human relationships, we learn that theory is no substitute for love."  We, at Daystar are about helping to heal hearts—healing children and healing families together.  We get to sit with hurting children, moms and dads every day who are learning what it means to love with intentionality, grace, and courage.

We love because He first loved us.  And we are able to offer love to the folks who walk through our doors because of the love he shows us, as well as the love you walk out in your generosity to Daystar.  Thank you for your connection to us.  Thank you for your generosity.  And thank you for practicing love in the lives of over 1200 families in our middle Tennessee community.

With much gratitude,

The Daystar Staff