A March 2014 Thank You!


"Mom, I just realized I get to go to Daystar for 1-on-1 counseling AND group on my birthday!" 

The mom who told us her son said these words also went on to describe her own experience at Daystar. 

"I don't know we would have done without you all in this transition. Our family wouldn't have made it. You have been a lifeline for us.  And we couldn't have made it without your sliding scale. Thank you for what you do and for providing a safe place for our son and for us. The fact that he wants to spend his birthday—and almost his whole day here is just a reflection of how enjoyed and believed in he feels by you all." 

Your graciousness to Daystar has given this boy a place to come on his birthday and has given this family a place to come during a difficult time in their lives. You have helped hundreds of children just this month find the same. Thank you for your partnership with us. Thank you for your commitment to helping kids and families navigate hard times and find hope. We are honored to have you come alongside us and them.


The Daystar Staff