Dear Friends,

Happy Summer!  By the time you read this letter, we'll have thirty high school kids, 9 college interns, and 10 senior staff gathered together in a living room in Kentucky—singing worship songs, talking about their lives, and discovering together what a shared hope and purpose look like. 

We'll have several dozen boys and girls meeting in Nashville with trained counselors and leaders—learning how to care about others and discover all of the good that God has bound up in each of their hearts. 

Counselors will be continuing to walk alongside children and families in our office, with the development and office staff keeping all of these cogs in the Daystar wheel running smoothly.

God is at work.  At Hopetown.  At Daystar.  At our day camps.  He is bringing hope to kids and to families.  And He is using your gracious support of our ministry to do so.

A mom recently signed her daughter up for camp for the first time, and said these tearful words.  "I can't tell you what a relief it is for my daughter to be a part of Daystar this summer.  I've never trusted that my daughter could go somewhere away from us—and be okay—not just okay, but be loved.  Thank you for being that place for her and for us this summer."

Thank you for providing that place—for hundreds of families this summer at and through Daystar Ministries.  We are grateful for your support and would love you to continue to pray for our ministry throughout the summer.

With great hope,

The Daystar Staff