A July Thank You 2016


"Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the Gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become very dear to us."    1 Thessalonians 2:8 (NIV)

A "typical day" at a Daystar Day Camp can be anything but "typical."  Sure there are activities you would expect to see: art projects in the art room, 4-square tournaments on the basketball court, laughter and giggling over a meal in the dining room or a van full of boys returning from an action-packed day around Nashville.  Those are the things in plain view.  However, if you could look a little closer or listen a little longer, you would begin to see and hear more than just kids and activities. 

You might hear 3rd grade boys learning the art of complimenting and encouraging each other after a game of "Daystar Tag."  You might see a high school boy grinning ear to ear because he finally found a friend to share lunch with.  You would probably see a girl working hard on a painting she would eventually give away to a friend; learning the gift of giving.  It's these moments and these interactions that we see God using Daystar to reach kids who need the gift of seeing that their life matters.

Over the past 8 weeks, Daystar had the privilege of hosting 4 different Day Camps for elementary, middle, and high school students.  These week-long intensives have been safe places, stretching places, and restorative places for kids.  They have also been places where "typical" would not describe the effort, care, concern, and sacrifice made by Day Camp Leaders.  Paul's message to the Thessalonians is the same message that could be seen in the relationships of kids and leaders.  Leaders who wanted to share more than just a week of fun, but also a week of listening, praying, hoping, and strengthening.

If we ran the numbers, we could probably calculate the total number of pizzas we ate, miles we drove, art projects we completed, and popsicles we consumed.  In the end, what we hope and wait to see, but can't measure or add are the lives that are changed and the impact made by "one life touching another."

We are so thankful for your continued prayers for Hopetown, Day Camps, and Daystar this summer. We are truly grateful for your support of this ministry and how it enables so many families and children to experience the reassurance that "their life matters."  As always, we are humbled and grateful to journey alongside you for the Kingdom.