Dear Friends,

"This is the great gift we have been granted—

the potential to experience all that comes to us in this life

in complete confidence, love and joy;

to have the courage and strength to put aside fear and despair,

and to live each day in unquestioning trust in the divine providence

which has brought us into being.

We humbly acknowledge that despite the magnitude of our faults,

and the number of our failings, the inexplicable drive of creation,

the sacred spirit manifest in all that is, continuously sustains us,

and allows us to begin again at any time,

infused with the might from which we can never be separated."

These words are from a little book written by John McQuiston II called Always We Begin Again, and are truths that reverberate through the mission of Daystar.

Always we begin again...we begin fresh with this great gift, with courage and strength to put aside fear and despair.  We humbly acknowledge the magnitude of our faults, but trust in this Spirit who continually sustains us.  It is that Spirit who brings hope to each child, each family who walks through our doors longing to begin again. 

Thank you for entering a new year with the mission of Daystar in mind.  Thank you for helping us bring hope and new beginnings to over 1200 families in the middle Tennessee community.  We are honored to walk alongside you in sharing a might and a hope from which we can never be separated.

With gratitude as we all begin again, 

The Daystar Staff