A February Thank You 2017


"Nobody will listen to you unless they sense that you like them."

                                                                        -Donald Miller

This very idea is where we start with every child—every teenager who walks through our doors.  We want them to feel liked.  We want them to feel believed in.  We want them to feel like we have hope with and for them, regardless of the situation they find themselves in.  It's also one of the first things we teach the new counselors at Daystar.  

Thankfully, we have an entire staff who seems to specialize in knowing how to make kids (and families) feel liked.  From the minute someone walks through our doors, they're greeted by Mary and Mary in the office, who are all smiles.  And they often are greeted by a wagging tail in the form of Blueberry, Owen, or Lucy, our resident pet therapists.  In fact, we'd like to introduce our staff to you, as we seem to find ourselves continuing to grow as a family at Daystar.

Our Office Staff:

Mary Berndt, Director of Operations

Mary Killett, Operations Assistant

Kerry Watkins, Business Manager

Pat McCurdy, Administrative Assistant


Our Development Staff:

LeAnn Nichols, Development Coordinator

Katie Bomar, Development Staff

Susan Berthiaume, Account Manager

Aaron Weber, Director of Boys' at Hopetown


Our Counselors:

Melissa Trevathan, MRE, Executive Director, Founder

Sissy Goff, MEd, LPC-MHSP, Director of Child & Adolescent Counseling

David Thomas, LMSW, Director of Family Counseling

David Denton, MA, LPC-MHSP, TBRI Trained, Director of Adoption & Special Needs

Emma Soechting, LPC-MHSP, TBRI Trained, Girls' Counselor

Sherman Burcher, MA, Director of Groups & Boys' Counselor

Molly Howell, MS, Art Therapist & Girls' Counselor

Tommy Hart, LMSW, Boys' Counselor

Lauren Sotelo, MA, MFTI, Girls' Counselor

Chelsea Keyser, M.Ed., Girls' Counselor

Alex Hopkins, MA, Boys' Counselor

Bailey Pantoja, MFT, Girls' Counselor


Our Interns:

Allye Gray

Catherine Hebert

Hannah Welbourn

Caleb DeVolld

Last week, a 13 year-old told us how desperately her little sister wanted to come to Daystar.  "My mom brings her every week to hang out in the lobby while I'm meeting with you.  She LOVES it here.  Every week when we leave, she asks my mom when she gets to come to counseling.  "You don't have any problems," my mom told her last week.  "Yes, I do!  I know I can think of something," she said. 

Obviously, we don't want this little girl to feel like she has problems, but what a compliment it is that—after sitting in our lobby and being a part of Daystar from the periphery, she wants to come to counseling, too.

We are ALL grateful to have the high honor of helping kids feel liked and believed in.  We feel both called and privileged to be at this great work of offering hope to kids and families.  And we count it a gift to have you come alongside us in our ministry.  Thank you for your prayers, your time and your graciousness to Daystar.  You are making a difference.