A February Thank You 2016


Dear Friend,

One Life Touching Another.  If Daystar had a tagline, that would be it.  Through individual counseling, groups, camps, and even parenting seminars, our mission is about sharing hope with those in need.  We wanted to tell you a little more specifically about how we do that.

Each family who comes for counseling walks through the front doors of our little yellow house to an environment we have designed to be as disarming as possible.  We have spiced tea brewing in the lobby, quilts on couches, and dollhouses and Lego tables spread throughout.  So many children who are brought for counseling are afraid...and we want our environment...our Daystar house to feel as safe and warm as possible.

For a child's first appointment, Melissa, David or Sissy will usually greet that child in the lobby, along with the help of their trusty pet sidekicks.  Blueberry, the Old English Sheepdog, Owen, the Yellow Lab, and Lucy, the Havanese are many kids at Daystar's favorite counselors.  Ours, too.  The child is always given a tour of our offices first, then brought back to tell us their version of why their parents or guardians brought them to see us.  We want the kids to come back first—mostly because we want them to feel like Daystar is their safe place.  Parents are important, but we know that, for the kids to trust us, they need to feel like Daystar is theirs. 

After spending some time with the child, we bring the parents back to our offices to have them talk to us about their goals for their son or daughter in counseling.  Melissa, David or Sissy then decide which counselor is the best fit for their child—given their age, personality and need.  And we think all of our counselors are pretty great—not just the pups.  We have five girls—Sissy Goff, Emma Soechting, Molly Howell, Lauren Sotelo and Chelsea Keyser.  And six boys on staff—David Thomas, Jeremy Shapiro, David Denton, Tommy Hart, and Sherman Bucher.  We also have some other terrific folks around—Mary, Mary, and Pat in the office, Susan in billing, LeAnn, Stephanie, and Katie in Development, and Aaron who's job is to hang out with the kids while we're spending time with parents.  He helps create things with the kids like foam rockets and games, all of the while making them feel comfortable and important around here.

Currently, we have approximately 1300 families involved in Daystar.  We have 16 groups that meet weekly, and we're gearing up for our summer camp programs, offering a sleep-away camp at a place called Hopetown and a day camp in our offices.

We continue to be so grateful to walk alongside children and families in need.  We'd love for you to come visit us...walk through the yellow house, meet the pups, have a spiced tea.  We're so honored you are a part of our ministry...and part of how God uses each life around here—yours included—to touch another.


The Daystar Staff