Dear Friends,

"I minimize the good things He's given me in search of the "great" things I think he should."

A high school senior said these words to one of our counselors just this past week.  And they're a reminder, for us, of just what Daystar is all about.  We exist to offer hope to hurting children and families.  We're here to help them see good in the midst of whatever hard things have brought them to our little yellow house.  And, what happens, more often often than not, is that they're the ones who remind us.

And so we're here to thank you.  Thank you for being an agent of such good to Daystar Counseling Ministries.  Thank you for helping provide hope and a safe place for over 1200 children and families in our community and beyond.  We truly could not do it without you.

With much gratitude,

The Daystar Staff