Something About God - 5th-6th Grade 1

Mar 14, 2019

Daystar House - Melissa's Office

Melissa Trevathan

Thursdays 6:00-7:00pm
A Monthly Kids Gathering at Daystar
In Melissa's Office

High School: February 28th 
7th-8th Grade: March 7th 
5th-6th Grade: March 14th 

Many kids have been asking,
Wanting something more...
Something about God.

So once a month,
We're having a gathering
Of any kids that want to join.
Kids that aren't involved at Daystar.
Kids that are.

To  connect
In their spiritual lives
And be equipped with God's Word...

To  encourage each other
To be who God created us to be...
To reveal something about God
In each other
And to ask how we can  make a difference...

Want to be a part of helping start something
And see where God takes us?

Learn more...Connect with Melissa or Aaron