Summer Sessions at Hopetown

Summer Sessions at Hopetown
Summer Sessions at Hopetown are Daystar's version of a summer camp. Some of the Daystar staff as well as high school and college age leaders travel weekly with kids up to Daystar's Hopetown, located 2 hours N.W. of Nashville on Kentucky Lake. We have seven summer sessions, each five to seven days long, and grouped around grade level. There are never more than 30 campers per session, with a ratio of about three campers per leader.

Summer Sessions are a time to strengthen and experience what we've been talking about in groups throughout the school year. As we share during group, laugh on the boat, play in the water, and worship together we experience hope. The hearts of the kids are softened through relationship. Their faith is molded and shaped during our worship time and Melissa Trevathan's, Executive Director, teaching each morning and evening. And, the strengthening comes as each child, regardless of age, sees that he or she has the ability to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

2017 Summer Session Dates - Online registration opens for returning campers January 16 & for new campers February 1. Please talk to your counselor to see if your child is ready for Hopetown.

I 11th-12th Grades June 3 - 9 $850
II High School (girls) June 13 - 16 $500
III High School (boys) June 16 - 19 $500
IV 9th & 10th Grade June 23 - 29 $850
V 2nd - 4th Grade July 9 - 13 $750
VI 5th & 6th Grade July 17 - 22 $800
VII 7th & 8th Grade July 26 - Aug 1 $850

DONATE to our $160,000 fundraising goal for spring/summer. Your support will help fund Hopetown summer sessions and operating costs for Daystar summer programs.

CLICK HERE if you would like to see exactly how your summer contribution will be used at Hopetown.

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