Vision Mission

"As one life touches another through the process of softening, shaping, and strengthening, God's hand begins to move. He uses a place that is not perfect, but is committed to being a safe place, to remind each of us of who He has created us to be, and who we will one day become.

Soften… In both groups and individual counseling, we seek to soften hardened hearts. The dogs in the office, the spiced tea, and warmth of the Daystar house begin the softening process.

Shape… Shaping comes through a direct process of helping clients see the reality of not only how we have been hurt, but also how we hurt others. The truth of God's Word is the basis for shaping, and the foundation upon which Daystar rests.

Strengthen... As clients begin to have a glimpse of who God has created them to be, individuals are strengthened. They are able to see past their own needs and into the needs of others.

Get a taste of how one life touches another...