"Daystar has given me confidence and a place where I can let my guard down, but most importantly, being a part of Daystar has shown me how to give and receive love out of brokenness. Daystar is a place where love does bear all things, hopes all things, and endures all things, which makes Daystar a unique place in our selfish world."

High School Boy

"For the past several years, Daystar has helped my boys so much in more ways than I could ever describe.  It is the safest place outside of my home for my boys to go and share their hearts.  The counselors have loved them in ways that they are both so hungry for. Graham told me one day that every time he leaves the Daystar house, he feels better about himself and that he wishes he could stay because his counselor encourages him so much and is so easy to be with. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I love Daystar and will be eternally grateful to everyone on staff for the places they fill in the gaps for my boys. Both of my boys also attend Camp Hopetown and say it's their favorite camp, bar none! (And they've been to the 'best of the best Christian camps'.) Thank you for supporting their ministry. It means more than you will ever know."

Kim Hill, Single mom of Graham (18) and Benji (15)...I'm also a worship leader, recording artist and author in my "free time". 

"Daystar Ministries has forever left an imprint on the hearts of my family. We have been a part of Daystar for the past few years. We have experienced almost all aspects of what Daystar offers and have walked away changed! From individual counseling, Camp Hopetown in the summer, parenting classes taught by Sissy Goff and David Thomas, Soup Nights, limitless popcorn, staff who know the names of my children, cozy couches, checkers, friendly dogs that put kids at ease...... and most importantly a love of Jesus that exudes from every face and a shared desire to walk along side every kid that walks through their door. The Daystar House is a beekon of Light shining bright throughout the transformed lives of our precious children!"

Mother of a 10 year-old girl, 8 year-old boy, and 9 year-old girl

"Weekly I get to experience the phrase ?the church isn?t just a building? in a very literal way. Daystar?s teen counseling groups aren?t about just hanging out with great friends laughing and giggling (in the case of girls). Personally I describe Daystar?s groups as a heart experience. You get to see people in new lights, experience friendships in new ways, and witness an indescribable opportunity of God. Group is about listening to God speak through the mouths & hearts of very unique people."

16 year old girl

"I like group because you can tell anybody anything and everybody is really nice." 

2nd grade girl

"Whenever we come across kids and families in need of help, we always recommend them to Daystar. The counselors there are a gifted and trusted resource to our community. They've helped our family through difficult seasons of life and we've always been extremely grateful for their presence in Nashville. We're fortunate to have them."

Andi Ashworth and Charlie Peacock-Ashworth

"Daystar is a WONDERFUL counseling ministry. Once you walk through the door of the yellow house you are a part of the Daystar family. And that is just what it is, a family. We began coming to Daystar in 2006 and have been truly blessed to be a part of the family. Whether group therapy, individual or family therapy, Daystar offers HOPE and HELP to all ages."

 Mother of a 4th grade boy

Our third grade son began group at Daystar last year and attended Camp Hopetown for the first time this past summer.  I can't begin to outline all the ways in which Daystar and its staff have impacted him in positive ways.  More than that, I have experienced great comfort knowing that others have joined me and my husband in loving this creative, amazing, complicated boy. 
Our son's counselor continues to build a relationship with him in which it is fair and expected that he will be challenged and corrected.  Our son has responded in unexpected ways to the goals set for him by Jeremy and his peers in group. We saw a huge difference in him after his week at camp as well. The relationships with the boys in his group were taken to a new level and he actually walked taller and seemed more grown up after the week.
Walking into the little yellow house on the corner of Azalea makes me feel hopeful and expectant.  My husband and I do not have what it takes to raise our children alone.  We need others to walk with us and walk with our son.  God gets bigger at Daystar as people with more and varied of His traits speak into his life and carry him on.

Mother of a 3rd Grade Boy