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  • Daystar is serves over 1,400 clients throughout the year.
  • Daystar sees clients an average of 167 hours weekly.

  • Daystar facilitates 26 groups per week.

  • Daystar hosts an average of 128 clients in group weekly. 
  • 98% of Daystar's clients return after their initial assessment.

  • 98% of Daystar's clients return after their initial three appointments.
  • 60% of Daystar's clients transition from individual counseling to group counseling.
  • Daystar conducts 7, week-long overnight sessions each summer in New Concord, Kentucky.
  • Daystar conducts 4 day camps for boys and girls in the office in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Fees collected from individual and group counseling cover approximately 65% of our operating expenses; thus, 35% of our operating expenses are dependent on contributions.
  • Daystar attempts to make counseling as affordable as possible for all our families by keeping our customary fee lower than the average counseling fee for our area.

*Statistics reflect the numbers of the most recently completed fiscal year (July 31, 2016).