Services Offered

Individual Counseling
Daystar believes that healing and change can be accomplished through the individual counseling process. Each client has an initial assessment with our executive director and then sets up three appointments with his or her specific counselor. Our sliding scale offers a chance for people who could not normally receive professional counseling an opportunity to do so. Daystar has six female and five male counselors on staff, along with our three resident pet therapists.


Daystar groups are a gathering of age related children and adolescents that provides a platform for counseling alongside a social setting. Daystar believes that kids have a tremendous ability to affect each other in a positive way. Many professionals in the Nashville area refer kids to Daystar in order to experience group. 26 groups meet Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays each week, during the school year, in the afternoons and evenings at the Daystar house. 

Groups are CANCELLED Thursday March 12 - Thursday March 19.

If groups are cancelled due to weather, changes will be posted here and on social media.

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Hopetown Retreats
Hopetown are Daystar's week long summer retreats. Almost half of the Daystar staff, plus high school leaders and college interns travel weekly with kids up to Daystar's Hopetown, located 2 hours N.W. of Nashville on Kentucky Lake. We have seven summer retreats, each five to seven days long, and grouped around grade level. There are never more than 30 campers per session, with a ratio of about three campers per leader.

Hopetown is a time to strengthen and experience what we've been talking about in groups throughout the school year. As we share during group, laugh on the boat, play in the water, and worship together we experience hope. The hearts of the kids are softened through relationship. Their faith is molded and shaped during our worship time and our executive director Melissa Trevathan's teaching each morning and evening. The strengthening comes as each child, regardless of age, sees that he or she has the ability to make a profound difference in the lives of others.


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